Bio: I write because I don't have it all together, because I need grace, and because I have to look hard to see beauty...to be thankful. (This writing is a journey for me. I am loving every minute of it! It really is helping me to open my eyes wider to His "good and perfect gifts. "). sorrow. If you read enough of my blog you'll know. It's there too...shaping me. Sorrow abounds as much as joy does. God uses them both. Picket fences have fallen. Unrealized assumptions were pulled away when our healthy 9 day old baby suffered a devastating injury to his nervous system from newborn jaundice (of all things). You can read all about it http://arearrangedlife.com/being-rearranged/ If you want to know more about me, mess that I am - http://arearrangedlife.com/being-rearranged/about/

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